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Trailer Hitches

RV Trailer Hitches

The Star Performance Cushion Coupler is designed for all trailer towing applications. It slides into the receiver tube on your trailer and replaces your existing ball coupler. The Star Hitch uses Convert-A-Ball's patented coupler and fits a standard 2 5/16" ball. No need to retrofit your pickup, simply install the Star Hitch on your trailer and your ready to go!

Star Hitch Can Be Custom Made With Any Size Of Round, Or Square Tubing To Fit Your Trailer, Including 30 Degree Angle.

Contact The Factory Or Your Dealer For Custom Applications.

Star Performance Hitches Star Performance Hitches Star Performance Hitches Star Performance Hitches


  • 30,000 GVW; 10,000 Pin Weight
  • Fits Standard 2 5/16" Ball (Kingpin Option Available)
  • 9" Clearance From Ball Coupler To Top Of Swing Box
  • 4" Round Tube Fits Standard Trailer Receiver Tube.
  • Extended Coupler Model Is Made For Use With Flatbed Towing Vehicle And Recessed Ball Pocket.
  • Swing Box Moves And Requires Minimum Clearance Of 10 Inches 360 Degree From Center Of Your Ball.
Kingpin Adaptor - Win back the space in your vehicle!

Kingpin Adapter

The Star Performance Kingpin Adaptor was designed for, pulling a 5th wheel RV with the 2 5/16" ball.

The Hitch adapts to a standard Kingpin on the RV and utilizes the patented Convert-A-Ball coupler and kingpin adaptor.

This Kingpin Adaptor has the same Star Performance Hitch swing arm technology to give you all the benefits of the ride, plus the convenience of being able to pull your RV minus a large 5th wheel hitch and rail kit in your towing vehicle.

Star Performance Hitches Star Performance Hitches Star Performance Hitches Star Performance Hitches


  • 30,000 GVW; 7,500 Lb Pin Weight
  • Standard 2 5/16" Ball Coupler (Can Be Customized For Flatbed Towing Vehicles, Etc)
  • Standard Size: 14 Inch
  • Standard Hitch Is Offset For Additonal Towing Clearance
5th Wheel Hitches

5th Wheel Hitches

The Star Performance Hitch 5th Wheel puts you on the road with the best of RV 5th Wheel towing. The hitch's new compact design provides the same great ride; adds more features; gives back some of the room in the bed of your towing vehicle; and maintains the strength and durability to give you a safe comfortable towing experience.

The Hitch is offset for shortbox pickup use and has an adjustable base that allows front to back positioning between the rails to accommodate your towing vehicle application.

All benefits of the best ride at a competitive cost.
Star Performance Hitches Star Performance Hitches Star Performance Hitches


  • 20k, 7000 Pin Weight
  • Putnam Hitch Kingpin Positive Lock System
  • Patented Star Hitch Swing Box Technology
  • Fits Standard Rail Kit: 20 5/8" Centers Left To Right
  • Breaks Down Easily: 5th Wheel Pins To Swing Box; And Swing Box Bolts To Frame
  • Height Adjustment: Approximately 15 1/2" To 17 1/2"
  • 6-Way Motion: Swing Arm Action + Front To Back And Left To Right Pivot On Kingpin Lock
Other Products

5th Wheel Hitches

We have listed on this page additional products, options, and accessories to improve your towing experience. Please contact use if we can be of service for any of your towing applications.

    Star Performance 45 Adaptor

    Star Performance 45 Adaptor Depending on the number of trailers you tow and the towing vehicles used, it may be more economical to have a single Star Performance Hitch in your towing vehicle and a Kingpin on the various trailer. This adaptor will allow you to pull any number of trailers without having to change hitches. Slips into the receiver tube on the trailer. 4" round tube standard. Custom tubes available Allows same Star hitch for RV and other 5th wheel trailers (flatbed, car, livestock, etc.) Saves Money--only one hitch needed Saves Time--No need to change hitches.

    Star Performance 50ar

    The Star Performance Hitch technology is available in a bumper hitch model. This model replaces a pickups existing receiver hitch and must be installed by an authorized dealer. Uses a 2" square receiver. Consult factory for product availability before ordering.

Unique & Patented Design

Our unique design, isolates, absorbs, and dissipates excess vibrations, jerks, and bounces, protecting your precious load!

There is lower demand on the structure of your trailer and vehicle which extends their life and reduces maintenance costs!

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Buy a Star Hitch and if you are not happy with the way it works, return it within 30 days of purchase and we will refund the cost of the hitch.

In fairness, plan on parting with your money because once you use the Star Performance Hitch, you won't want to give it up.

Star Performance Hitch

"Everybody Needs One Of Those Star Hitches.
You Shouldn't Be Hauling A $10,000 Horse With A 10 Cent Hitch!"

~ Tom, from Gillette, Wyoming who called in to the Live With Jim Thompson Show.


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