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Buy a Star Hitch and if you are not happy with the way it works, return it within 30 days of purchase and we will refund the cost of the hitch.

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Other Products

We have listed on this page additional products, options, and accessories to improve your towing experience. Please contact use if we can be of service for any of your towing applications.

Star Performance 45 Adaptor

Depending on the number of trailers you tow and the towing vehicles used, it may be more economical to have a single Star Performance Hitch in your towing vehicle and a Kingpin on the various trailer. This adaptor will allow you to pull any number of trailers without having to change hitches. Slips into the receiver tube on the trailer.
4" round tube standard. Custom tubes available
Allows same Star hitch for RV and other 5th wheel trailers (flatbed, car, livestock, etc.)
Saves Money--only one hitch needed
Saves Time--No need to change hitches.

Star Performance 50a

The Star Performance Hitch technology is available in a bumper hitch model. This model replaces a pickups existing receiver hitch and must be installed by an authorized dealer. Uses a 2" square receiver. Consult factory for product availability before ordering.

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Star Performance 45 Adapter
Star Performance 45 Adaptor




Star Performance 50A
Star Performance 50a